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Green Energy is now mainstream and no longer just a ‘nice alternative’ if you can afford it. How can we help you ‘Do Green Energy Right?’

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Everything you need to know about us

Between the Vert Energy Associates team we have been involved in more than 300 studies over the past 10 years, ranging from 1-day pre-feasibility studies to 6-month duration detailed financial and technical studies for major clients. We also carry out technical reviews, wood fuel surveys, trouble-shooting on poorly preforming green energy systems and client surveys.

While our original core expertise has been with biomass heating and power systems, we have deep expertise in combined heat and power (CHP) – both gas and biomass, solar PV and heating systems, heat humps (GSHP, sewage and water based systems), energy storage and district heating.

Our team of Associates bring technical, financial and commercial experience to the table to allow you to gain an objective and honest insight to a project. We are also close to the commercial market so understand costs and value for money options. However, as we do not sell technology and have no commercial tie-ups with green technology companies, we can be fully objective.

Our team

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Studies conducted

Years combined experience

Stewart Boyle

Stewart has over the past 20 years worked for environmental NGOs, commercial biomass companies, and public sector agencies. He is particularly experienced in the biomass fuel and heat sectors, having set up wood pellet and chip distribution networks. He has led and managed three major HNDU heat network studies recently featuring biomass, heat pumps and gas-CHP.

Thomas Burnett

Thomas spent 10 years working for Shell in projects, technology and commercial roles including Alternative Energy and Mergers and Acquisitions. Since 2011 he has been an independent consultant in the renewable energy sector. He is a Director of Dorset Community Energy and Nadder Community Energy.

Ewan Bent

Ewan spent 11 years in developing Midlands Wood Fuels (MWF) into a business selling over 30,000 tonnes of chips a year and with a turnover in excess of £3.3 million. He expanded the company’s depot network to ten. He brings extensive feasibility study experience as well as strong commercial and wood fuel strategy analysis for small to utility scale clients.

Matthew Morris

Matthew ran the Kent Downs Woodfuel Pathfinder from 2011 until mid-2016. He has undertaken many site and building surveys, estimates of heat loads/boiler sizes and analysis of project costs and benefits. He has worked with a variety of stakeholders, including national retailers, private investors, land agents, forest agents, local government and property developers. He has been leading on a major solar roofs project within the railway industry.

Paul Spencer

Paul is an engineer and controls specialist who has more than 30 years experience in the biomass heating and power sector. He has knowledge of most of the biomass boiler systems in the UK and overseas, including installation, servicing and trouble-shooting.

What we can do for you

Detailed Green Energy Feasibility Studies

Detailed Green Energy Feasibility Studies

Between the Vert Energy Associates team we have been involved in more than 300 studies to date over the past 10 years. A number of these have led to actual projects on the ground. Our approach on these is to bring a range of technical, financial and environmental expertise and Associates to the table to deliver on each project. We have led on three major heat network (HNDU) projects across the UK, requiring substantial modelling and technical expertise. We have our own bespoke modelling suite that can assess the impacts and financial viability of a range of technologies, including operational data based on extensive real world experience.

Develop Community Energy Strategies and Projects

Develop Community Energy Strategies and Projects

We have been involved in biomass district heating and solar PV Community schemes and have supported several community energy projects where understanding the motivation of the communities has been key. These have included several biomass district heating schemes, as well as solar PV community purchase schemes.

Work on Existing Green Projects

Work on Existing Green Projects

Not all projects go to plan and sometimes poor design leads to inefficiencies and breakdowns. Vert Energy Associates have worked on a number of projects where earlier poor design has prevented the project from operating efficiently. We are used to trouble-shooting such projects and developing an Action Plan to remedy problems. One large biomass boiler project at Tunbridge Wells Hospital led to a successful accreditation to the Renewable heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, as well as significant improvements to the boiler system operation. We have also fixed a number of poor heat metering set ups to allow compliance with the RHI.

Tendering and Project Management

Tendering and Project Management

We have worked with many clients to develop a technical specification, tendering documents and then carried out a tender on their behalf. This has included biomass district heating schemes and a major wood fuel hub depot in Stockport. We have also supported several schemes through the planning process, marrying up our technical expertise with local planning advisers.

Technology Appraisals

Technology Appraisals

There are now a myriad of low-carbon technologies available at either demonstration or commercial stages. Assessing which technology is right for you is a core VEA competence. That’s why we take care to really understand the pros and cons of a technology by talking to technology providers, clients who have utilised the technology, as well as carrying out our own technical and economic analysis. Recent technology reviews have included small-scale biomass CHP (gasification) and energy storage.

Answers to Your Questions

What is green energy?

Green energy is a term commonly used to describe a suite of low-carbon renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, biomass, heat pumps and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) using gas and biomass. At VEA we also emphasise the need for improved energy efficiency in projects as a way of reducing the demand for heat and power.

Is biomass really green?

Biomass includes a range of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels that can be used to produce heat, power, transport motion and chemicals. Like any technology or fuel it can be used well or inappropriately so it’s important to use it efficiently and without adversely impacting on air emissions including carbon dioxide (CO2), land-use so that it doesn’t compete with the growing of food, and biodiversity.

VEA and South East Wood Fuels take great care when proposing biomass energy options. For solid biomass we ensure that any fuels supplying heating boilers and CHP plant come from forests and residue sources such as sawmills where sustainability criteria are used, the woods are under formal management plans including replanting, and Forestry Commission woodland standards are met. Working with its partners South East Wood Fuels, VEA can offer serious experience and appraisal skills when looking at biomass resources and costs.

What green technologies are available and make sense?

There are many low carbon technologies now available for both heat and power. They include heat pumps – now available via sea and freshwater, sewage, air and ground sources, biomass, solar water heating, biomethane, solar PV and wind. The availability of battery storage has opened up opportunities to improve the impact of the more intermittent renewable technologies, though it is not a cheap option. Gas based CHP is essentially a grey-green technology, offering some CO2 savings (though this is diminishing as the grid de-carbonises). There have been a range of government support schemes available over the past 10 years – including capital grants, Feed-In tariffs, and the Renewable heat Incentive (RHI) – which is essentially a heat tariff. Many of these are now either finished or are diminishing in scope. The RHI, offering a 20-year income stream, is still operational and can be a good option for the right heat project and technology. When we view these options we can utilise our modelling suite that looks at both technical viability and costs to see what is the best option for you.

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